Import and Distribution

The successful journey of Innodis has always resided in its association with strong international, regional and local partners such as Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, Nestlé, Fromageries Bel, Pioneer Foods and Bois Cheri. Many of the brands distributed by Innodis are today either leaders or strong challengers in the categories they operate. In fact, many are today household favourites.





To store and distribute our large range of locally produced and imported products, we rely on our high-tech storage facilities and distribution fleet.


Warehousing facilities


With some 2,800 pallet locations for dry goods and 3,200 pallet locations for chilled and frozen products, our warehouse is located within the port region itself, more specifically within the Mauritius Freeport Development zone.

Some of our imported frozen products, such as beef and mutton under Premier™ brand and sea-food products under our Marina™ brand are reconditioned and packed in secure temperature-controlled rooms prior to distribution to supermarkets and retail outlets. The packing section is fully HACCP certified.







Distribution fleet


Innodis owns a fleet of more than 130 vehicles, most of which consisting of modern lorries used for the distribution of our frozen foods, consumer goods, chicken and dairy products. Some of them are equipped with refrigeration engines to maintain the cold chain for our frozen and chilled foods. We also have a number of tractors and trailers dedicated to our poultry operations.

In order to service, maintain and repair this large number of vehicles, we have our own garages at our various sites, where we employ full-time mechanics.

Safety has also been enhanced with the installation of speed limiters and with the monitoring of our vehicles with GPS navigation devices. All our chilled and frozen delivery vehicles are equipped with temperature readers to ensure the products are transited at the right temperature.