Although well-known as a distributor of world-class brands, our activities actually span much further. In fact, a significant portion of our know-how rests in our own manufacturing activities, which, together with our poultry processing operations, make up our core business. 

We have invested significantly in the upgrading of plant and machinery in our dairy factory to improve efficiency and productivity in the ice cream, bottled drinks and yoghurt filling lines. Our use of technology has been applied across the various ice cream production lines mainly with regard to cone and cup manufacturing. Furthermore, we introduced a new modern pouch filler in 2016.


Our focused efforts have made us a strong player in the yoghurt and ice cream segments in  Mauritius. 


Ice Cream




Our ice-cream range alone has grown significantly over the years, with a large variety of products distributed under the DairyMaid™ brand, including the popular Master-T, Olé, Chocstick, Tamarino, Red Devil, Velvet Dream, as well as the Kulfi ice-cream.


We also distribute our ice-cream in 1L to 5L tubs under our sub-brand Treat™ and our sub-brand Ice Dream™, which sells under a wide range of flavours such as Vanilla (with Chocolate coated honeycomb pieces), Blueberry & Cheesecake, Caramel (with peanuts and chocolate sauce), Creamy Vanilla, Vanilla with Strawberry Fruit Ripple, Vanilla (classic), Chocolate (classic), Almond (classic), just to name a few.


A modern, fresh and more practical packaging has been launched in the cone and cup segment to be more user-friendly and trendy. Our Magic cones™ are now equipped with a dome which enhances product appearance, while our new Dairymaid Kup™ provides for spoons inside the cup. Finally, new stylish wrappers in our impulse lollies range have been introduced since 2017.



Yoghurt and Bottled Drinks

In addition to ice-cream, we are the second largest distributor of yoghurt products in Mauritius under our umbrella brand DairyVale™. These include our range of probiotic yoghurt, our Kick Start™drinking yoghurt, and our fermented milk, distributed under our sub-brand Lait Caillé™ aux probiotiques.


World-class packaging has been introduced in our yoghurt catering lines through the In-Mould Labelling (IML) technology.


This segment also includes our DairyVale fat-free range, intended for consumers who wish to limit their calories intake, as well as BeWell™, a healthy probiotic (L.Casei) yoghurt drink enriched with vitamins B, C and D, which has taken a fair share of the market from imported brands.


In October 2016, we launched the first Greek style yoghurt produced in Mauritius. Our Greek yoghurt contains about twice the amount of protein and calcium found in regular yoghurt. DairyVale Greek style yoghurt is creamy and smooth, with a thick texture that makes it a perfect indulgence. The range now includes both plain and fruited Greek yoghurt.


A Medley Aux Fruits 2_edited


Other than yoghurt, we also distribute milk under our brands Twin Cows™ and Island Dairy™ and flavoured milk under our Olé™brand.


In March 2012, we introduced in-house blow moulding of our HDPE (Food Grade High Density Polyethylene) bottles. This vertical integration of our dairy production activities allows for a better control of costs at the early stages of our production processes.




Our Bingo™ Fruit nectars in four flavours, namely Apple, Red Grape, Mango and Tropical, have been successfully launched to penetrate the catering market. Our nectars are now sold in Reunion Island since 2017.



Rice Milling




Located in the Trianon area on a 2-Acre plot of land, Peninsula Rice Milling Co. Ltd (PRM) started its operations in October 2004. It is mainly involved in importing raw de-husked rice from India for a three-stage processing, packaging and sales to the distribution centre of Innodis Ltd. We process and distribute some 1,500MT of rice annually. Sophisticated Japanese technology is utilised for the plant. 

Most of the PRM basmati rice production is sold locally. The brands marketed by PRM are Rimilda, Rimilda Gold and Duchesse, in various pack sizes to suit the needs of the market. The two former brands are considered to be the middle to upper tier brands.

Since 2012, our factory started to polish and pack the low GI (Glycemic Index) rice, grown locally by Vita Grain Group. This rice is considered a healthier alternative to other widely available varieties of rice on the local market