Landmark Dates

Since the inception of the Group, which started as a family business, Innodis has been cultivating throughout the many years of its existence a tradition of excellence and of building close-knit relationships with its partners and its people.

We are proud to be endowed today with a rich heritage and history, marked by memorable events that have each played a significant role in the growth process of our Group.

1973 - Incorporation of Mauritius Farms Ltd (MFL) for chicken production
1975 - Exclusive supply agreement - La Vache Qui Rit™ (Fromageries Bel)
1986 - Exclusive supply agreement - Flora™ (Unilever)
1987 - Creation of Consumer Goods Division for the distribution of dry foods
1989 - Exclusive supply agreement - Ceres™ (Ceres Fruit Juices (Pty) Ltd) & Barilla™ (Barilla)
1995 - Certification ISO 9002 - Change of name of MFL to Happy World Foods Ltd (HWF)
1996 - Listing on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius of Happy World Foods Ltd
1997 - Supply agreement for the exclusive distribution of Kotex™ & Huggies™ (Kimberly-Clark)
1999 - ISO 9001 certification for chicken production
            - Obtained licence from Nestlé SA to produce Dairymaid ice-cream locally
            - Opening of first Supercash outlet
            - Acquisition of 33.3% shareholding in Meaders Feeds Ltd (production of animal feed)
2001 - Distribution of chicken and supply of logistics to the first McDonald's outlet in Mauritius
2002 - Supply agreement for the exclusive distribution of Knorr™ and Robertsons™ (Unilever)
2004 - Beginning of production of yoghurt under our brand DairyVale™
2005 - HACCP certification for chicken production
            - Beginning of operations of Peninsula rice milling factory
            - Beginning of operations chicken production in Mozambique
2006 - Change of name of Happy World Foods Ltd to Innodis Ltd
2007 - Obtained a licence from Ceres to produce local Ceres Nectar juices
              - Exclusive Supply agreement for Picon™ cheese (Fromageries Bel)
2009 - ISO 22000 certification for chicken production
2010 - Agreement with Food Concepts, a Nigerian conglomerate, for the provision of consultancy and management
   services in chicken production
            - Opening of 1st Point Frais™ outlet
2011 - Acquisition of a controlling majority shareholding in Meaders Feeds Ltd

2012 - Distribution agreement with St Aubin Group for the exclusive distribution of Bois Cheri teas

             - Partnership with Irvine's Group to expand Mozambique poultry operations

2013 - ISO 22000 certification (quality management system) for our Dairy factory

2014 - Distribution agreement with Mopirove for the exclusive distribution of a range of detergents and personal care products

             - ISO 14001 certification (in relation to environment protection) for our Poultry operations

             -  HACCP for packing section of commercial division

2015 - Inclusion in the Sustainability Index of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius

 2017 - Acquisition of entire shareholding in Mozambique poultry operations