Mission, Vision, Values




We take great pride in our MISSION to create wealth by consistently providing quality products cost-effectively to the benefit of all partners. We are able to achieve this by nurturing a quality culture and also by associating ourselves with world-class brands.


Our VISION is to be the preferred choice in all the markets that we operate for many generations to come. As we gradually craft this vision into being, we are confident that we will continue to be rewarded with increased sales and value creation for all our stakeholders.

In addition to our quality promise, we operate within a defined set of VALUES:




We are also working on a healthier offering...


Just to name a few examples regarding our range of products that focus on healthier lifestyle:

  We are the first to have introduced in Mauritius a pro-biotic yoghurt under our brand DairyVale™. In 2016, we were also the first to manufacture Greek style yoghurt locally under the same brand. Greek style yoghurt has a higher concentration of protein and calcium than regular yoghurt.

We are the only chicken producer in Mauritius to have a selection of free-range chicken under our brand Le Poulet Fermier™.

Our Ceres fruit juices are made of 100% pure fruit juice, with no colorants, no artificial flavours and no sugar added.

We also distribute a range of Bois Cheri black and green teas, which are naturally rich in polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins, which function as powerful antioxidants.