MI100: Investing in our good people

Through the MI100 initiative, we selected 100 employees from our food production, food distribution and FMCG departments, ranging from manual workers to managers, to work together on a number of innovative, improvement projects. To prepare them for this task, employees first underwent a number of intensive training sessions where they were taught how to implement the Group’s values and principles across all departments, and how this value system could be lived out practically each day.

The first challenge proposed by our CEO, Jean-Pierre Lim Kong, was to look at ways we could improve our working environment. The projects have enabled managers and employees to be more innovative and creative in their thinking, while improving the lines of communication between departments and therefore increasing productivity. By encouraging everyone to share their thoughts and ideas, this has given us insights and helped to solve operational problems in interesting ways. The result has been efficiency gains and quick wins, but more importantly, it has unified and motivated our teams, and stimulated participation among our staff. Through this important project, we are shaping the future of our company.

November 2019


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