Better tomorrow


Good today. Better tomorrow.

Our purpose is to connect people to a better life by:

  • providing them with the highest quality nutritious and affordable products,
  • encouraging healthier eating habits,
  • engaging with the communities we serve,
  • caring for the environment,
  • creating meaningful jobs for our employees,
  • being passionate about serving, and caring for, our customers.

This is the vision behind our business decisions and what drives our innovative projects.

Innodis Vision

The Innodis Way

Strengthening our unique culture to achieve better results

The Innodis way

Our key drivers for growth are our continuous pursuit of operational excellence, a multi-pronged marketing strategy and working tirelessly to contain our business costs. Improving our partner, supplier and client relationships is also top of the list. We believe we can achieve these by leveraging on our greatest strength – the caring, passionate, high-performance, enabling culture we have created at Innodis. It inspires our employees and engages them in making the business a success, setting the stage for us to become the best food producer and food distributor in Mauritius. We call this ‘The Innodis Way’.