The success of a vertically-integrated poultry operation

Our fully vertically-integrated business comprises breeding operations, a hatchery, broiler farms, processing and further processing plants. We produce chicken under the brands Prodigal and Carmen.


Innodis Poultry Ltd: Committed to food safety and quality

Food safety, quality, and occupational health and safety have always been our top priorities and our processes comply with international codes of practice. Our operations are ISO 22000 and ISO 14001 certified and our poultry is certified by the Mauritius Standard Bureau (MS 65) and certified HALAL by the Jummah Mosque. We were the first company in Mauritius to be certified to ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety. Our chickens are reared in cage-free houses with access to enriched, cereal-based feed containing no animal by-products, colourants, antibiotics or growth hormones.


Poulet Arc-en-Ciel Ltée

The combined production of Innodis Ltd and Poulet Arc-en-Ciel Ltée, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Innodis, makes us one of the largest chicken producers in Mauritius. Poulet Arc-en-Ciel Ltée produces and sells broiler chicken mostly in the unbranded market.


Meaders Feeds Ltd

Through the acquisition of a controlling interest in 2010 of leading animal feed manufacturer and distributor, Meaders Feeds Ltd, we achieved the vertical integration of our production processes. Meaders Feeds quality certifications include ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 and AFMA (Animal Feed Manufacturers Association, South Africa) Code of Conduct compliance.


International operations and exports

In 2005, we launched poultry farms and a processing plant in Mozambique. More recently we have begun looking for opportunities abroad and developing an export client base in Africa.


Manufacturing delicious dairy products locally

In addition to our poultry operations, we produce ice cream, yoghurt, and bottled drinks, and we also have a rice milling operation. We use world-class In-Mould Labelling (IML) technology for our ice cream cone and cup range as well as our yoghurt range. We hold a substantial share of the ice cream and yoghurt segments in Mauritius.


From classic flavours to fun lollies – there’s an ice cream for everyone!

Our ice cream range includes a variety of products distributed under the DairyMaid™ brand, including the popular Master-T, Olé, Chocstick, Tamarino, Red Devil, Velvet Dream, and Kulfi ice cream. We distribute different size tubs under our sub-brands Treat™ and Ice Dream™ in a range of unique flavours.


Protein and probiotic-rich yoghurt and yoghurt drinks

In addition to ice cream, we are the second largest manufacturer and distributor of yoghurt products in Mauritius under our DairyVale™ brand. We also produce Kick Start™ drinking yoghurt, Lait Caillé™ aux probiotiques, a fermented milk drink, and DairyVale’s fat-free yoghurt range. In 2016 we were the first to produce a Greek-style yoghurt in Mauritius. Our indulgently thick and creamy DairyVale Greek-style yoghurt contains nearly twice as much protein and calcium as regular yoghurt, and our range includes both plain and fruit varieties.

Imports and Distribution

Bringing the best to you

The successful Innodis journey has been built around our commitment to creating lasting relationships with strong international partners such as Unilever Lactalis, Kimberly-Clark, Nestlé, Bel Group, Barilla as well as local partners, such as St Aubin Group (Bois Cheri). Many of the brands we distribute are household favourites and either leaders or strong challengers in their respective markets.


Warehousing & Distribution

Our products are stored in high-tech storage facilities and distributed by one of the largest distribution fleets in the country, ensuring a seamless supply chain service.


Chilled Foods

In addition to our poultry operations, our activities also include the production and distribution of ice cream, yoghurt, and bottled drinks. We are the only company in Mauritius that produces Greek-style yoghurt.

Innodis FROZEN

Frozen Foods

Some of our imported frozen products, such as Premier™ beef and our Marina™ seafoods are repackaged in an HACCP certified, temperature and quality controlled facility, before being distributed to supermarkets and other retail outlets.


Dry Foods

To complement our dairy products and frozen foods, we distribute a range of dry food brands that have become household favourites such as Bois Cheri tea, La Vache qui rit cheese, Flora and Blueband.

Retail Channels

At the heart of food and service

We are committed to providing the Mauritian people and food service industries with exceptional products and innovative shopping experiences.


Everyone saves at Supercash

Our three Supercash stores in Mauritius and our two stores in Rodrigues provide retailers, restaurants, caterers and the general public, with fast-moving consumer goods at unbeatable prices. We buy a wide range of popular products in bulk, which includes our Innodis product range, but also popular brands distributed by other companies, and we pass on these savings to our customers.


The Farm Shop

In August 2019, the Farm Shop was opened at Beau Climat in the south. The concept is a first for Innodis, where fresh chicken, value-added chicken products such as sausages, chicken ham and buffalo wings, fresh vegetables from our sheltered farms, and a variety of other products distributed by Innodis, can all be found under one roof.

Saveurs Plus™ – variety, quality and convenience under one roof

The result of the rebranding and upgrading of our Point Frais™ outlets, Saveurs Plus™ is a local franchise, providing a range of fresh produce, excellent service, value for money and convenience. Saveurs Plus™ boasts a deli-style service, allowing customers to choose their cuts of fresh chicken and meat, and have them prepared as requested. A variety of chilled and frozen chicken, fresh fish and venison, as well as frozen seafood, red meat and other charcuterie products are also available all year round.