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We are committed to regularly providing our investors and stakeholders, as well as any other interested party, with the Group’s financial statements and other relevant corporate information, in a transparent, accurate and
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Rs 4.49 bn

Rs 43.50


as at 04 March 2021

Rs 183 m
Rs 1.53

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Corporate governance & sustainability

Good corporate governance principles are an integral part of the way we do business and we are committed to fair financial disclosure for our shareholders and stakeholders. Our Corporate Governance Committee, which also integrates the functions of a Remuneration Committee, comprises two independent Directors, including its Chairperson, and one Non-Executive Director.

Committee members are entrusted with the tasks of:

  • developing the general policy on corporate governance in accordance with the National Code of Corporate Governance, legal compliance, and ethical policies, and
  • establishing a formal, transparent procedure for developing a remuneration policy for senior management and making recommendations to the Board on all new Board appointments.
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The company does not have a formal dividend policy, but in recent years, has endeavoured to maintain a regular dividend payment, taking into account its financial position and future development plans.

Since September 2015, Innodis has been chosen as one of the 13 public listed companies to be included in the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Sustainability Index (SEMSI) – an official recognition of its ongoing efforts towards sustainable development. More information on the SEMSI can be found on the SEM website.