Reducing food waste, building healthy soil

At Innodis, we are making important strides towards finding new approaches to environmental problems, by making our poultry operations fully sustainable. Firstly, we are recycling the water we use, and we also have in place a rainwater harvesting system, which are both helping to reduce our reliance on the commercial water supply.

Secondly, to raise awareness in communities, Innodis Foundation set up a project to provide special bio-bins to families living in La Flora for kitchen waste sorting. Their organic waste is collected by our poultry team, to be naturally processed in a bio-digester, which converts it into rich compost. This compost is then used on our organic vegetable farms, and by the La Flora families to grow their own fruits and vegetables.

And last but not least, our biogas pilot project at Beau Climat has been a great success and we are now carrying out a financial assessment of the feasibility of a full-scale waste-to-energy production facility. This type of composting facility would enable us to reduce our production and waste disposal costs, as well as minimise the growing pressure on our landfills. Everyone can do good today for a better tomorrow.

October 2019


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