Innodis goes the extra mile to bring the best food to your table

First came the chicken …

Founded in 1973 as a poultry producer, Innodis is today a multi-billion rupee FMCG industry leader. We import and produce popular brands, which we distribute to over 3,500 outlets nationwide. We are one of the leaders in poultry production in Mauritius and also operate a poultry business in Mozambique.

Leading the way in sustainability

Our share price has grown steadily within the last 10 years and we are one of a select number of companies listed in the Innovative Sustainability Index of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.

Products we can be proud of

Our four core activities are: Agro-industry, Manufacturing, Imports and Distributive Trade and Retailing. We hold a significant share of the market in the majority of food sectors, with partners such as Lactalis, Nestlé, Bel, Doux, Kimberly-Clark, Uhrenholt and Barilla.


An inspiring and committed leadership team

The dedication and passionate commitment of our leadership team is what makes the difference for our employees, suppliers, clients and the communities we serve.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Jean-Pierre Lim Kong, is responsible for providing strategic leadership and for the overall management of Innodis Ltd, as well as having oversight over the performance of the subsidiaries of Innodis Ltd.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Sonny Wong Lun Sang, is responsible for the operations of Innodis Ltd. Our Marketing, Sales and Logistics departments fall under his responsibility.

Our General Manager – Production, Rahim Bholah, is responsible for our dairy production facility in Phoenix.

Our General Manager – Agribusiness, Olivier Fanchette, heads our main fully-owned subsidiary, Innodis Poultry Ltd, which regroups our poultry operations. Olivier also oversees our regional development in agri-business, namely our poultry business in Mozambique.

Our General Manager – Finance, Vivek Ramtohul, is responsible for all the financial operations of the Group, including the preparation of accounts and debt management and recovery.

Our Senior Manager – Purchasing and Sales, Gérard Nien Fong, is responsible for the procurement and sales of all frozen products.

Our Senior Manager – Commercial, Christina Sam See Moi, is responsible for the procurement and sales of all consumer goods.

Our Senior Manager, Zaheerud Deen Kaudeer, is responsible for overseeing the sales of chicken across the Group as well as our retail stores owned by Supercash Ltd.

Our Senior Manager – Technical, Amrith Nunkoo, is responsible for Technical and Maintenance functions of Innodis Group of companies and oversees the overall technical operations.

Our values are at the heart of who we are, and what we do, every day …

We aim to build a trusted Innodis Brand – fulfilling our promises to our clients and consumers, building credibility and living out our purpose statement.

Our values guide us in the way that we think, work and act as a company, whether it is with our partners, our customers or our communities. They unite us around a common goal and help us make more informed decisions. Underpinned by trust, our core values are summarised by the acronym A.D.A.P.T: Authenticity, Discipline, Agility, Passion and Teamwork.

Innodis ADAPT


To be honest and open with each other, in order to foster a culture of trust throughout our business.


To be self-disciplined and accountable; applying methodical thinking and actions to achieve our goals.


To adapt quickly to change, being willing to challenge and adjust our current ways of working, whenever required.


To be committed to doing things with energy and enthusiasm, inspiring others to believe in the Innodis brand.


To work together towards a common purpose – sharing responsibility and going the extra mile for each other.

Innodis Values
Innodis Values