Home delivery services to keep our customers safe

As COVID-19 spread across the world, restrictions on gatherings quickly became commonplace, and public places, restaurants, shops and retails stores started shutting down. For a while it seemed like Mauritius had been miraculously spared but then in mid-March, as we were informed of the first three cases of infection, we found ourselves confined to our homes almost overnight, with limited access – or difficulty – getting to shops, where hour-long queues would form, as people attempted to stock up on essentials during increasingly uncertain times.

“Stay home and stay safe” was a message Innodis took to heart from the beginning. As the gravity of the situation started to sink in, people understood the importance of avoiding public places as much as possible. Innodis knew it had to become more flexible to meet the changing needs of our customers. A few days after the confinement period in Mauritius began, our innovative retail concept, The Farmshop, began offering an online order and delivery service. Our other subsidiary, Poulet Arc-en-Ciel Ltée, also followed suit.

Soon afterwards, Innodis launched a full-scale online shopping platform (www.innodis.mu) allowing customers to select individual items from a large variety of frozen, chilled and dry products, including chicken, meat, seafood, vegetables, condiments, home care, and much more. Our customers can now stock their pantries with the best quality products, without having to leave the safety of their homes.

This is just another way Innodis is responding to the challenge and helping our customers during these unusual times. Adapting to the needs of our customers and offering a safe and efficient service have always been our goals and we will continue to serve them as best we can!

April 2020

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