United in the battle against Covid-19

As many businesses and shops were forced to close in March 2020 in an effort to halt the spread of Covid-19 Innodis, whose activities have been classified as essential services, continued to operate. As a major player in the agrifood industry in Mauritius, Innodis maintained their supply chain across the country, keeping over 300 employees on their poultry farms and poultry packaging, yoghurt and rice production and milk powder packaging units.

Planning ahead for effective crisis management

Innodis began to prepare early on for a possible ‘lockdown’ in Mauritius even before the pandemic reached our shores, knowing that in such an eventuality, it would have to continue making food available to consumers despite the many challenges the pandemic would present. A detailed crisis policy was devised and existing stringent hygiene and health and safety measures were reinforced in the light of the Covid-19 threat.

When the confinement became a reality and with the safety of employees a priority, Innodis operated only with a limited number of staff, allowing more vulnerable employees to stay at home. Additional protective equipment and clothing was provided to staff in an effort to eliminate any potential spread of the virus within the work environment.

A strong team meets the crisis head on

Distribution activities were maintained to facilitate the delivery of 35,000 packages to the most needy.
Jean-Pierre Lim Kong, CEO of Innodis Ltd, praised his employees for their courage, dedication, sense of duty and exemplary attitude to serve the Mauritian public. The continuity of food supply only helped to reassure the public at such a critical time.

Our teams will be called upon to redouble their efforts, in our warehouses and on the roads, for supply companies engaged in home delivery and supermarkets as they prepare to reopen, while respecting the safety rules and measures that have been put in place.

Security through innovation

In a bid to encourage the public to stay home and stay safe, Innodis introduced an online ordering system in April through their retail outlet, ‘The Farmshop’ (www.farmshop.mu), offering a selection of Innodis products as well as a home-delivery service island-wide. This was followed by a similar service from Poulet Arc-en-Ciel Ltée (www.poulet.mu) and a more elaborate one, led by the commercial division of Innodis (www.innodis.mu). Innodis remain committed to serving their customers and uniting with fellow Mauritians to combat Covid-19.

May 2020

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